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Kangen Ukon®, which contains a high quantity of essential oil derived from organic Spring Ukon (otherwise known as wild turmeric) carefully distilled by the factory of Enagic® Foods Co. in Okinawa, Japan.


Enagic® has obtained a patent for the innovative process behind the creation of each capsule. Essential oil from Spring Ukon is refined and concentrated through this process.

“The quality of Ukon is largely related to the quality of cultivated land. The growth of Ukon requires well-drained and rich, organic soil. The soil in the northern part of Okinawa is said to be the best soil. The reason why the soil there is the best is because it contains rich calcium from corals and shells, and the soil is well drained.”


Yanbaru (the northern part of Okinawa) is often called “nature’s treasure”. Spring Ukon (harvested exclusively for Enagic®) is organically grown on dedicated farms in Yanbaru and is 100% free of the harmful chemicals used in conventional farming. Spring Ukon and Autumn Ukon are cleansed and sanitized by Strong Kangen Water® and Strong Acidic Water at the factory of Enagic®

Foods Co. It is the first supplement ever produced with a combination of curcumin and 100% additive-free Spring Ukon essential oils. Our patented 100% plant-based soft gel Kangen Ukon® capsule is made complete with antioxidant ingredients such as olive oil, perilla oil,

flaxseed oil and tocotrienol.

 (Essential Point of Turmeric and Zedoary), published Dec. 1, 1998, page 62.

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