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Frequently Asked Questions

New to Hydrogen-Rich Water (HRW)? For your benefit, here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

If you would like a deeper understanding of ionized, clinically-proven water from our Naturopathic/Biomedicine Doctor and Consultant please feel free to watch video clips from our YouTube Channel and download a copy of free published medical articles and research, info is at the bottom of this page. 

  • What kind of water do you sell?
    Lifetime Water offers hydrogen-rich, medical-grade ionized alkaline water.
  • I’ve heard of alkaline water. What is it and what are the benefits?
    The benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich, medical-grade ionized antioxidant alkaline water are great. There are over 170 potential therapeutic benefits for the body including: Antioxidant and Brain-Protective Effects Supports Mood Regulation Suppresses Inflammation (which is the root cause of all chronic disease) May Decrease Muscle Fatigue or Weakness Can Boost Weight Loss May Support Cancer-Treating Protocols from your Doctor Boosts Skin Health Promotes Liver and Gut Health Provides Pain Relief Improves Oral Health
  • What is an ionizer machine?
    It is a machine that sits on your kitchen countertop or below your sink and transforms tap water into hydrogen-rich, alkaline water through a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis is a chemical process which splits the water in a couple of different ways: You will get some Ions Like OH- and H+ Ions (Alkaline and Acidic Waters) You will get some oxygen Atoms And some Molecules, like the all-important Hydrogen Molecules (See Advanced FAQs for the science behind dissolved hydrogen in water and its potential benefits for the body)
  • What brand of ionizer do you use?
    We prefer the brand, Kangen, because it is the gold standard in ionizers and is considered a medical-grade device in Japan. It was created by the Japanese company, Enagic, which has been making water-ionizing machines since 1974. Kangen water-ionizing machines transform ordinary tap water into 5 different types of water for different needs: Strong Kangen (very alkaline pH) for washing fruits and vegetables and cleaning Kangen Water (alkaline pH) for drinking and cooking Clean Water (neutral pH) for preparing baby food and taking medications Beauty Water (acidic pH) for gentle facial/skin cleansing and beauty care; use it like an astringent. Strong Acidic Water (very low 2.5 pH) is non-drinking water and used for killing 99.9% of bacteria and microbes. It disinfects on all types of surfaces and is non-toxic to humans. It is used to prevent gingivitis, used to kill bacteria in cuts, scrapes, and open wounds. Additionally, 2.5 pH is excellent for allergies and sinus blockages.
  • Is alkaline the same as reverse osmosis?
    No. Reverse Osmosis (RO) makes it safe for people who have tap water that is not treated or higher levels of contaminants than what is allowed by the EPA. However, the filtering process removes healthy, naturally-occurring minerals, which are vital for hydration. Moreover, RO may not filter out all the harmful microscopic chemicals found in pesticides and herbicides. RO is also not very environmentally friendly as it filters up to 3 gallons just to purify one gallon of drinking water. Nowadays many people use RO filters and re-mineralize the water with inorganic minerals which are inexpensive and lab produced.
  • Is ionized water the same as bottled alkaline water?
    No. Making ionized alkaline water by electrolysis is the only researched and proven way of obtaining health benefits in your drinking water. Bottled alkaline water may be higher in pH than regular bottled water and tap water, however, there are additives (such as sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate) to create higher pH. It’s the antioxidants created by the electrolysis process that have therapeutic benefits for the body. (Water electrolysis is also referred to as “ionization.”)
  • How is Lifetime Water different from other water stores that sell alkaline water?
    Water stores that sell advertise alkaline water, take slightly acidic RO water and add calcium carbonate (soda ash) because it’s an inexpensive way to raise the pH. Calcium carbonate and other additives in the water such as sodium bicarbonate are lab produced, shelf-stable, and may be unhealthy for the body.
  • What does pH mean?
    pH stands for “potential hydrogen.” It indicates the level of hydrogen in a substance and is measured on a 1.0-14.0 scale, with 7.0 being neutral. Anything below 7.0 on the pH scale is acidic, while anything above 7.0 is alkaline. Proper body pH is important for good health.
  • Does drinking ionized alkaline water change the pH of my blood?
    No. Drinking ionized alkaline water does not change your blood’s pH level. Your body and its organs are constantly regulating their pH levels. For instance, our stomach is between 1.5-2.5 pH when going through the digestive process.
  • Can your body be too alkaline?
    Alkalosis is extremely rare. Our body’s organs all have different pH levels and our body self-regulates the pH for each of our organs. The electrolysis process and active hydrogen is the most important aspect for our health in regards to water ionizers.
  • Are there other names for alkaline water?
    In addition to ‘electrolyzed-ionized water’, or ‘ionized alkaline water,’ other names synonymous with hydrogen-rich alkaline water include ‘electrolyzed reduced water’ and ‘hydrogen-rich water’ (or HRW). To distinguish our water from bottled higher-than-neutral-pH-water, we refer to our water as “hydrogen-rich, ionized antioxidant alkaline water.”
  • How can I get Lifetime Water?
    Visit the Lifetime Water storefront at 317 Coast Highway 101 in Solana Beach (adjacent to the CVS), where we will sell glass 1-gallon containers or refill your reusable bottles using Kangen brand ionized water machines. We recommend small dark bottles to retain the hydrogen. We are also independent Kangen distributors so after testing the water you can purchase a machine for your home use. We sell Enagic filters, citric acid for cleaning, and offer deep cleaning and installation services.
  • I own a machine, which pre-filters do you recommend?
    We recommend a whole-house water filter by Ethical H20 or a 3-stage filter by IonFaucet installed below the sink. It is important to remove or reduce water contaminants while retaining source minerals for your health and optimal ionized water functioning.
  • What do I do when my machine tells me to change my filter?
    When your machine tells you to replace your filter, it means you have gone through 1,500 gallons. You will want to change out the machine filter approx. every 6-12 months. Replacement intervals vary depending on usage and water quality. If you have a silver machine (SD501) open up the left side panel of your machine and press the white replace filter button to shut off the notification. Once you have purchased a new replacement filter, replace the new filter, write down the date on the sticker, and press the white to replace filter button to set the clock for 1,500 gallons. If you have a white machine (K8), you can manage the notifications to replace the filter via your touch screen. The machine will recognize a new filter and it will say, "your filter has been reset." Purchase filters at our shop location or online.
  • How often do I need to replace my pre-filters?
    Once a year for the 3-stage pre-filters. Once every 7 years if you have a whole-house filter by Ethical H20. Annual machine filter sale from Enagic.
  • Where do I order Enagic/Kangen supplies or replacement parts? and please check out the link for your Machine filter fundamentals.
  • I live outside San Diego county, how do I know which type of pre-filters to order?
    We recommend submitting a free water quality analysis form on IonFaucet's home page. They will share with you the recommended pre-filters based on the water quality from your zip code.

More Questions? Need Science? Please email us or pop by the shop. In the meantime, check out the articles of H2 from the Molecular Hydrogen Institute! or contact us for a free downloadable copy of published medical articles. 

Disclaimer: Please note that none of the statements in our FAQs have been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and therefore we recommend speaking to your doctor regarding treatment and adding the benefit of ionized water to your personalized protocol. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, any disease.

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