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SNIP Nutrigenomics

What would it be like to take ONE supplement developed for your “specific” DNA?

Finally, supplement daily for your genetic deficiencies.  Genetic Testing, Epigenetic Reports + Customized Supplement

Receive 10 personalized/ extensive reports using a simple 2-minute swab test. Complete the swab test at Lifetime Water & Wellness or from your home.


No More Guessing

* Now you can take action based on your DNA.

* No more purchasing endless supplements  HOPING, GUESSING what might work. WOW, are we excited!

Look no further than to the blueprint of you.

Your DNA can reveal your body's precise nutritional requirements. And we can turn these requirements into your own precise nutritional formula made just for you called “CODE COMPLEX”.


Here is what you get:

Simple Swab Test 

103 Genetic Variants (10X Health tests for just 5 btw)

• Actionable Outcome

• 400 Million Possible Combinations

• Almost 100 Peer Reviewed Ingredients

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