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NeuralChek is our 4-minute diagnostic tool! It uses Heart Rate Variability to assess your stress levels and brain fitness! Let us show you at our Water and Wellness Center, the current health of your brain and how well our in house treatments are actually working! You’ll be able to see the changes each time you test.


It’s a VERY exciting addition few Wellness Centers offer.




  • Determination of patient’s biological age.

  • A five-minute ECG recording monitoring in real-time functional state indices.

  • Assessment of the state of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

  • Assessment of the body’s neurohumoral regulation and energy resources.

  • Assessment of current psychoemotional state using the method of brain biorhythm mapping.

  • Assess your brain’s adaptation level and level of harmonization of biological rhythms.

  • Receive a printout of survey results and a comparative analysis when testing multiple times.

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