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Are you ready to redefine your health and vitality?

Join a Lifetime Health Membership that aligns with your needs

Lifetime Water Membership

Hydrogen-Rich Water

Elevate your overall well-being with water that is enriched with molecular hydrogen, known for its antioxidant properties

Select Your Monthly Membership Tier

$69/individual membership      $79/couple or family membership


Lifetime Health Circuit Membership

Circuit Training for Your Health

A monthly Membership for 35+ who want to optimize their health and prevent chronic disease states.

Unlimited Hydrogen-Rich Water 

(4 Gallon Max at a time)

Unlimited Vibragenix
Unlimited RF Frequency 
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Unlimited Brain Tap
Unlimited Infrared Sauna/PEMF
Monthly Community Events:

Hot Coffee Hot Topics

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Programs and Summits

Mark Your Calendars

Next Program Begins January 2024

Group Coaching:

The Lifetime Health Transformation Course

Why Focus on the Gut?

You have probably learned already that the gut is widely known as the “second brain.” But did you know that 70% of our immune system lives outside our small intestine? 


We’ve come to believe that this is one of the most important places to focus our attention if we want to improve our health and extend our life span.

Symptoms You Might be Facing

  • Brain fog

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Digestive issues

When your cellular function – particularly your mitochondria – is not functional, the gut-brain communication may break down.

What We Offer

Lifetime Health Transformation Course: An 8-week gut course designed for you to stop chasing symptoms and get to the REAL problem. Heal, Seal for a REAL Gut Reset in 2024!

"Don't overlook the basics. Don't ignore the foundation. How long can a tree remain standing without the roots?"

-James Clear 
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