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Pre-Filter Info

It is important to remove or reduce water contaminants while retaining important source minerals (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium) for both your health and optimal ionized water functioning. We recommend a whole house water filtration system by Ethical H20 or a 3-stage filter by IonFaucet. See recommendations below:


Stage #1: Ionmetix Multi Filter

The Ionmetix is the heavy hitter, removing 90% or more of the following: Chloramines, Chlorine, Lead, VOC's, Glyphosate, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals, Chromium, THM's, and Nitrates.

Stage #2: Bone-Char Fluoride

Removing Fluoride is tough. The first stage filter gets 80% of the job done and the Bone Char finishes the job.

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The third stage is a high purity copper/zinc formula to reduce chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, arsenic, and hydrogen sulfide from water as well as reduce scale. It also reduces the forever chemicals (PFOA, PFAS) by 99.9%!


Filter Sale

Buy 2 Machine Filters at a time and save!

Filter Sale

Inspire Series whole house filtration and non-salt conditioning system-Model 1054 (Model determined based on square footage of the home, bathrooms and number of people) . This system is the best of both worlds when it comes to filtering all the water in your home while also addressing hard water issues.

Specifications: 10" x 54" tank, 1.5 cubic feet, 45 lbs. (total) Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC), Catalytic Carbon and 4 chambers of T.A.C Media. 18 gallons per minute flow rate.

Filtration: Our blend of carbon filtration removes or reduces the largest variety of contaminants including chemicals, chemical bi-products, pesticides, herbicides, organic compounds, and more. This provides your family with water that is safer for bathing, showering, cooking and drinking.

Hard Water Treatment: The second component to the system addresses hard water without using salt or potassium and without wasting water. The T.A.C media used in this system is by far the most effective non salt alternative on the market, tested to be 90% effective in  reducing the issues typically associated with hard water.  CLICK HERE to review the largest 3rd party study done on none salt alternatives and you will see that Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) came in at being the most effective scale inhibiter at over 90% (results on page 38).

Maintenance:  No maintenance for 7+ years (requires outlet and drain although back flush is safe for plants if garden area nearby)

Warranty: 15 Years on the valve parts and labor, lifetime on the tank parts and labor, change filters approximately every 7. Replacement Filter $1000 and includes labor.  


Certifications: NSF/ANSI 44, 61 and 372

Cost: Ranges from $4000-5800 (plus tax) dependent on add-ons. Free installation and removal of prior system (if needed.)

Contact: Contact us for more information or book an appointment

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