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Fill up your cup!

In 1966, my dad sold Arrowhead water door-to-door in 5-gallon glass containers. People would buy it because the water in Los Angeles was filled with impurities.

This was 55 years ago. Today, people in Southern California are still getting water delivered to their homes or picking up water by the gallon at the store.

Thankfully, water science has advanced and we can now drink optimized water at home. We have a myriad of choices and yet our family and many others choose Hydrogen-Rich Water. We are so glad you are willing to give HRW a try too!

Here’s a story about one of our members. ~

Tess had a brain injury 10 years ago. Her comeback was nothing short of a miracle according to her doctors: one in a million!

She KNOWS there is a difference between the regular alkaline water in plastic bottles and the Hydrogen-Rich Water fresh from her Kangen machine. In fact, when she moved and didn’t have her machine set up she had to revert back to drinking Smart Water or Alkaline 8.8pH instead. Her mood destabilized and she didn't feel like herself. She shared with us how the water is her "lifeline" to her daily stability.

We hear it often. Our water supports people’s well-being. It begins by cleaning up cellular health. As you drink it more and more it continues to lead to greater well-being. One of our members says she, "fills up her cup," literally and figuratively when she comes to the shop.

Our world is full of free radicals. And each of our trillions of cells is bombarded daily by 10,000 free radicals. Which is why it’s important to take some free radicals (ROS) off our body’s plate. Medical-Grade Hydrogen-Rich Water (HRW) donates negative electrons (-e) with every glass. The (-e) neutralizes free radicals instead of allowing them to steal from our cells; causing oxidation.

Our brain is 80% water! With less oxidation, fewer contaminants, and more minerals our cells are hydrated and renewed with each glass of fresh HRW water. For Tess, this means more clarity and more calm than she ever believed possible. Healthy cells equal more vibrant health.

The Benefits of Hydrogen-Rich Water:

Over 170 potential therapeutic benefits 💦

Reduces single-use plastic 🌎

Makes your house ‘green’ 🌱

Reduces cellular oxidative stress💧

Have you ever calculated how much you spend on water every year?

Friends of ours were spending $1200/yr for Sparkletts delivery and regularly buying sparkling water for dinner parties at their home in Napa, CA. Now, they change out filters once a year and have full confidence they are optimizing their water and going "green" in their home.

We invite you to use the graph below to calculate your water expenditure each year. Compare your yearly costs with the cost of a machine and you may be surprised.

Enagic just launched its 4-plate machine last month! It's perfect for a single or couple.

We'll order the machine, pre-filters, faucet and plumber and have it installed within a week!

Questions? Click on the photo below for information or pop in the shop M-F between 11am-5:00pm. We also take appointments.

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