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I asked a couple of our members who had machines installed this week what they thought of being able to fill-up from their home and they both had the same answer: GRATEFUL. Another member who has had his machine for a year stopped by to say hello and his description basically was the same: FOREVER GRATEFUL.

We, the owners at Lifetime Water Solana Beach, are so grateful for our machines and for you.  We love our members and we love our units...even more now than when we first purchased.  The availability to drink filtered, alkaline,hydrogen-rich waterevery day, and have access to all the pH waters, has been an amazing benefit during this pandemic. We feel protected, healthy, and yes...grateful. 

Here are some pictures of our latest installs:

Our girl Torie Borrelli was interviewed last week by Noell at M4SL (Move for Sport and Life). As a Holistic Nutritionist, she spoke at length about the benefits of her Kangen water machine during this time when our health is at the forefront of our values. In this interview, scroll to 8:07 if you want to get straight to their discussion of noted benefits. Thanks, Torie and Noell! Please click below.

Our water is filtered, alkaline and hydrogen-rich. A triple threat. The high pH (alkalinity) can actually aid in protecting us from this coronavirus and other viruses.  Take a look at recent research published by Dr. Sircus. He says that most viruses are pH-sensitive. We don't add a sodium bicarbonate buffer to our water. We use naturally-occurring minerals from the ground to ionize our water. Zero additives and a high pH!

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