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It's all about digestion and gut health!

I just spend a weekend kayaking on the Colorado River at the base of the Hoover Dam. It was great to be filtering and drinking water straight from the source of our drinking water in San Diego. (Well, 50% of it comes from the Colorado River.) (1)

One of our fellow kayakers, Marissa, said she's been having digestion issues for a while. I asked her which water she drinks and she said, Reverse Osmosis (RO). I asked if she has been remineralizing her drinking water with trace minerals and she said no. In a span of a few minutes, she traced (nice pun) her digestion woes back to her change in drinking water habits a year and a half ago. Another couple on the trip explained they use Carlsbad Alkaline Water and pour it into their bubbly water system. The bubbles are made from carbon dioxide gas and when CO2 mixes with water it creates carbonic acid. Which surprise! Renders their alkaline water 'acidic'. 

It happens ALL day in our water shop. One of our members was experiencing Acid Reflux and we suggested she stops drinking liquids during her meals for optimal digestion. Another member would drink only water from plastic bottles at work. I informed her that an 8oz bottle can have up to 2400 plastic particles in it! (Li, 2019) Being educated about your drinking water takes work but it can be a lot easier if you go to the right source.

If you have digestion issues like SIBO, GERD, constipation, IBS, diverticulitis, Crohn's disease and want to understand how the water you drink can impact your digestive wellbeing and optimize your health, then take a look at the short introductory clip below. As a member of Lifetime Water, we invite you to watch Dr. Peggy Parker's highly informative and complete digestion webinar. See the details below.

Look what's new!

We are now supplying amber glass gallon and 1/2 gallon containers, Infinity Glass Liter Bottles, and spray bottle containers for all your drinking and pH water needs. Come pop by the shop for supplies. Reduce single-use plastic and keep the H2 in!

Enagic just launched their 4-plate machine this Monday, June 22nd! It's a nice option for those who want hydrogen-rich, alkaline drinking water and 2.5pH waters for their home. Great for singles or couples. Click on the photo above for specifications.


1) We love these whole house filtration systems and their San Diego water information:

2) Eat to Beat Disease by Dr. William Li (2019)

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