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The Skinny on Alkaline Bottled Water

Spoiler Alert: Bottled water companies add cheap inorganic minerals that do your body zero favors in the long run. Click on the quick 7min video below to get the list of additives in alkaline bottled water.

Tell us, has this ever been you? You are carting around the beverage aisle at Trader Joe’s or standing in line at a Starbucks, and you decide to grab a bottle of water or two? Or a case of water or two? It's fancy water and a lot more pure than tap water right?

People at the shop are always asking us, “So, if you were to choose 1 bottled water which one would it be?” The answer: NONE!

We've all been the person above, grabbing bottled water for purity or for taste but the more knowledge we come into regarding bottled water, the more convinced we are to NEVER pick any of them up for regular drinking water. Why? Water is a solvent. Anything bottled in plastic is leaching chemicals from the container, especially when they are heated and cooled multiple times in the transportation trucks and refrigerators. PET (recycle #1) bottles have 80 additional contaminants (8-0!) such as phthalates which are known endocrine disruptors and can cause cancer in men and women. We know these plastic water bottles never leave our environment either, so we are BIG fans of gaining control back of your drinking water. (EWG, 2019) If EWG’s list is not enough to convince you, hopefully, Dr. Peggy's explanation above gives you pause.

Want to learn more about bringing filtered, alkaline (without additives) and Hydrogen-Rich water into your home? Join us for our 90-day water trial and ask about installation options.

The Mexican Keto Cookbook is here! On sale at the shop for $25.00 or on Amazon. All proceeds go directly to the awesome integrative holistic nutritionist and cookbook author, Torie Borrelli. The recipes are insanely good! Look out for her take on alkaline water and learn which water she drinks in our next newsletter.

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