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A Functional Health Membership using the latest in Alternative Health Products

Lifetime Health Protocol™  

The Mind-Body Approach for Vibrant Health & Well-Being. 

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At Lifetime Water & Wellness, we offer a year-long Mind-Body membership for 35+ who can't figure out where their symptoms are coming from and want to restore their health naturally.

Our Mission

In order to do this we must go back to the foundations of health and work with nature and all its wonder and beauty. 

Starting with the foundation of health: Water

Clear the muck


Restore the cells

(restore the voltage)

Healthy Cells = Healthy You!

The USA has the worst first-world healthcare system in the world. Our health outcomes are at the bottom. 

The problem is navigating the health system. It’s frustrating because your doctor may be able to address one of your issues (A) but chronic diseases are (A + B + C + D). We need to go beyond the patchwork of pharmacological and chemical medicine to a systems based solution. 


This may be why you have been to plenty of healthcare providers already or avoid the doctor’s office in general. The wheel goes round and round and it’s hard to know when to get off or who to trust. 


A bunch of tactics but no strategy.


Reversing chronic symptoms is not a straight line. You need to look at your gut, genetics and inflammation. The Gut-Brain-Microbiome System are what need to get fixed and covering up the symptom is not the answer to the problem. 


Meet the team of amazing practioners

We offer holistic health services and all-natural, non-toxic products to help you close your health gap and become the healthiest version of you! From frustrated and confused to confident and vibrant.


Together we support your long-term health and the health of the environment.


Thank you for allowing us to be your health guides.

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Come join our community! It really is Solana Beach’s Watering Hole, where you will meet wonderful like-minded individuals and share resources of all kinds

What Our Members Are Saying

"I have been following Dr. Parker's Protocol for Oral Health optimal care for healthy teeth and gums for 6 weeks. My last dental exam revealed minimal plaque, improved gums, and healthy teeth! I love how healthy my mouth feels after finishing this protocol!    PH"

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For a healthier and hydrated well-being

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